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You’re going to love battery-operated vaporizers. Practical and healthier, this alternative to smoking dry flowers is portable, easy, and discreet. The vaporizer uses THC cartridges containing concentrated cannabis oil. There are two types to choose from. Open-system cartridges are refillable and reusable. Closed-system cartridges are non-refillable and intended for single use. Provided you’re above 21 years of age and can show valid ID, you won’t find any shortage of cartridges at Cady Brook Cannabis.

Exceptional Vape Cartridges

The vape pen battery powers an atomizer in the cartridge, heating up the oil, activating the chemical compounds. There are different functions available to customize the temperature and manage the dosage. Our team of knowledgeable cannabis professionals is full of information about our cannabis products and happy to explain the ins and outs of cartridges.

Get your vape pens from Cady Brook Cannabis!

Preloaded vape pens offer control over how much or little you consume. They are easy to conceal in your pocket, take on the go and offer an ideal concentrate-based option for both cannabis novices and experienced enthusiasts. You’re going to be amazed by the ease of use. Simply depress the button and inhale. Shop cartridges online or in-store. Cady Brook Cannabis is the exciting new choice for adult-use cannabis in Southbridge, Sturbridge, Charlton, Fiskdale, Dudley, Holland and Webster, MA.

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