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Cannabis oil and terpenes combine to make an easy-to-use product that heats to create a cannabis vapor (not smoke) that can be inhaled and enjoyed !


Why you’ll love them…

+Omits the inhalation of plant material 

+Very discreet and convenient 

+Effects felt 2-10 minutes after use

+Available in 510 cartridges, PAX Pods, and all-in-one disposables 

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Have you heard of vaporizers? This fairly recent innovation continues to generate excitement in the cannabis world. There are lots of good reasons why. Vaporizers offer the same amazing experience as smoking buds, yet include unique benefits. For starters, they are a healthier consumption method. Vaporizers heat up cannabis to the point where cannabinoids evaporate without burning plant matter. Because of this, there’s none of the carbon monoxide, tar, or toxins you get from inhaling smoke.


Innovative Cannabis Vaporizers

When cannabis is burned, only a small fraction of cannabinoids remain after the combustion process. When cannabis is vaporized, the cannabinoid content is around 95%, meaning less cannabis is required to get the same results from smoking it. Higher efficiency means you need less, saving money. Plus, you can ditch the ashtrays and no longer worry about lingering odors. The vapor disappears within a few seconds after being exhaled.


Cady Brook Cannabis has the vape for you!

Better control over dosage, discretion and convenience are some of the perks that are making vaporizers so popular. If you’re over 21 and in the market for vapes, shop in-store or online with Cady Brook Cannabis. Our expert staff can help you decide the style and strains that best fit your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. We provide quality cannabis and gear, ensure an outstanding experience for out-of-towners as well as our friends and neighbors across Southbridge, Sturbridge, Charlton, Fiskdale, Dudley, Holland and Webster, MA.

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